The Wendy’s Menu Online had tried its level up with customer servicesince its opening. The restaurant likes experimenting with food and if customers like them, they include it to their menu. Any new entry that doesn’t get an overwhelming response is not continued. The Wendy’s Menu Online that was first introduced in the restaurant included hamburgers, French fries, frozen desert, soft drinks and secret recipe chilies. Today the menu is far more expanded.

Wendy’s Menu Online

Wendy's Menu Online

Talking about the Wendy’s Menu Online, it reveals that the food follows nutrition and ingredients according to the standard set by the Food Regulatory Agencies. The Garden Salads were included in 1979. Originally it was only beef menu. Later the chicken was entered into the menu as chicken sandwich in 1980. The Wendy’s Menu Online fits everyone and includes now beef, fish, chicken, vegetables (salads, baked potatoes, and fries), deserts, and cold drinks. The menu comprises of breakfast and main menu.

Wendy’s Menu Online Features

Wendy's Menu Online Features

Sandwiches contain the highest number of calories along with some frosty shakes. The new entries in the menu are Poutine, Mozzarella Chicken Supreme, Mozeralla Streaky Baconator, and the Bacon Portabella Melt. Poutine is in the Canadian menu, Baconator in New Zealand, Bacon Portabella melt in U.S.

The Bacon Portabella Melt is a burger featuring a quarter beef patty, cheese slices and a smoked bacon with portabella mushroom in a sauce of cheddar cheese. The price is pretty affordable for a single burger. It is a really good choise on the menu and it is not that high in calories (660 calories).

Poutine is basically Canadian origin dish, made with French fries, topped with brown gravy (sauce) and curd cheese. Wendy’s Poutine gravy is poured over the fries.

There are a lot of options to choose from the Wendy’s Menu Online and all of them will leave your mouth watering for more until your stomach gets fully satisfied.